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'Everyday World-Making: Towards an Understanding of Affect and Mothering' available on pre-o

I was thrilled to contribute a chapter to this new book from Demeter Press exploring affect and mothering.

"This cross-disciplinary collection considers the intersection of affect and mothering, with the aim of expanding both the experiential and theoretical frameworks that guide our understanding of mothering and of theories of affect. It brings together creative, reflective, poetic, and theoretical pieces to question, challenge, and re-conceptualize motherhood through the lens of affect, and affect through the lens of motherhood. The collection also aims to explore less examined mothering experiences such as failure, disgust, and ambivalence in order to challenge normative paradigms and narratives surrounding mothers and mothering. "

My chapter takes the form of a piece of poetic autoethnographic prose exploring (of course!) motherhood and haunting. The book will be published in spring 2018 but is available now for pre-order

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